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Smarter, safer work. Fueled by connection. Powered by Avetta.

Avetta ensures that every workplace is safe and sustainable by building stronger relationships with clients and suppliers.

A stronger supply chain.

Accoree was born from a compelling mission: to ensure the daily safety of every employee returning from work. As our company has evolved, we've not only remained dedicated to this core principle but have also broadened its scope.

Now, we lay the groundwork for clients, suppliers, contractors, employees, and vendors to cultivate more robust connections, with a commitment to creating workplaces that are both secure and enduring.

For those aligned with our philosophy, Accoree transforms supply chain interactions. We facilitate and confirm continuous adherence to environmental, social, and economic standards, aiding businesses in establishing a solid and varied network of suppliers, on an international level.

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In our pursuit of a more secure and enduring supply chain, we are committed to fostering a workplace that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusivity for everyone.

At Accoree, we honor and appreciate the variety of viewpoints. The richness of diverse ideas fuels our innovative spirit and amplifies our capacity to delight our customers.

Welcoming individual differences is the key to our growth and ingenuity. We pledge to a future that is open, inclusive, and free from bias.

Your uniqueness is our strength, and we cherish it.


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