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Attention Recruiters, Search Firms and Professional Staffing Agencies.

The recruitment process at Accoree, LLC is overseen by our HR and Talent AcquisitionDepartments. In order for candidates to be considered, they must be submitted throughone of our internal recruiters. We kindly request that agencies refrain from directlycontacting Accoree employees in an effort to present candidates.To safeguard the interests of all parties involved, Accoree mandates the existence of asigned contract before any candidate presentation. We do not accept unsolicited

resumes from staffing vendors, including recruitment agencies and search firms, nor dowe remunerate any such vendors in the absence of a current contract on record.Accoree, LLC does not entertain unsolicited resumes from any source other thandirectly from candidates and will not make any payment for unsolicited resumes.Any recruitment agency interested in establishing a business relationship with Accoreeis encouraged to forward their details we receive yourcorporate literature, we will inform you if we are inclined to explore a potentialpartnership.We appreciate your interest in conducting business with Accoree, LLC.

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