Accoree Addresses Financial, Liability, and Cybersecurity Risks for You

Monitor and oversee the financial and cybersecurity well-being of your suppliers while keeping a vigilant eye on liability risks within your supply chain

Supply chain risk is multifaceted and necessitates a comprehensive solution to identifythird-party risks and vulnerabilities. The significance of safeguarding your extendedoperations against these risks cannot be emphasized enough.Be it financial difficulties hindering a supplier's ability to deliver, a third-party cyber-attack causing disruptions in your business operations, an insurance deficiencypotentially exposing you to substantial liabilities, or any scenario in-between, a solitaryoccurrence is unacceptable for contemporary supply chains.


The Significance of Ongoing Surveillance of Liability Risks, Supplier Financial Stability, and Cyber Resilience


48% of all supply chain risk events originate with supplier financial risk.

Supplier vulnerabilities cause two-thirds of supply chain data incidents.


40% of small businesses carry no insurance at all increasing your risk significantly.


Financially unstable companies account for 5-15% of all workplace injuries.

Accoree members report improvement


Over 44% of supply chain partners have experienced a third-party data breach.


75% of U.S. businesses are underinsured putting your company at additional risk.


Supplier insolvency is a leading supply chain risk for 55% of companies in this industry.


Over 75% of contractors and suppliers have experienced a sensitive data breach.


A Comprehensive Solution for Addressing Financial, Operational, Liability, and Cybersecurity Risks

A Comprehensive Solution for Addressing Financial, Operational, Liability, and Cybersecurity Risks

Accoree stands as the most exhaustive Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platform in the industry, equipped with cutting-edge features to assist you in identifying and mitigating supply chain risks, including:
  • Financial challenges that may affect material or project delivery
  • Legal and sanctions risks that could disqualify vital suppliers or contractors
  • Reputational risk associated with negative publicity that could harm your brand
  • Liability insurance gaps that may lead to expensive consequences
  • Cyber vulnerabilities that jeopardize your data and operations


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Managing Risk for All Suppliers

Designed with intricate supply chains in consideration, Accoree maintains and organizes all your supplier documentation, ensuring it remains current, precise, and accessible at any moment.

One platform to consolidate and manage all supplier information including health and safety evaluations, fiscal strength, sustainability, statistics, data and cybersecurity, diversity qualifications, workforce risk and liability.

Why Trust Accoree?

For clients:

Our unique platform assists clients in managing supply chain risk using
the world’s most advanced technology. Accoree helps clients build networks to manage supplier safety practices, training and statistics, measure sustainability, track worker safety performance and overall competency. Want better insight into contractors before you sign on the dotted line? Accoree’s systems perform contractor pre-qualification across all major industries including construction, facilities, energy, manufacturing, high tech, mining and telecom, just to name of few. Membership has its rewards, and a stronger bottom line is just one of them

For Suppliers:

Increase qualifications for jobs by showcasing mastery of health and
safety standards. Accoree’s auditing and verification process can slash safety incident rates up to 29%, earning your company additional contracts throughout the globe. Suppliers earn exclusive access to Accoree membership perks, with discounts on goods and services including safety gear, work supplies and insurance. The Accoree Network spans the globe with over 500 client companies and 125,000 suppliers. That’s the power of partnership. Tap into it today.
See the big picture. Explore the possibilities of partnership through success stories, best practices, industry trends and supply chain risk management insights. How can Accoree elevate your business?
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