Create safe, healthy environments across your supply chain

Create a safe operating environment for all employees with Accoree.

Trust. It’s difficult to earn and easy to lose, especially in the global supply chain industry where lives are on the line daily. Accoree is committed to helping your company mitigate exposure to safety risks, find solutions to past mismanagement of the contractors and the supply chain ecosystem, meet safety compliance regulations, and institute the proper controls. These measures will save time, productivity, and lives.

Workplace accidents, whether death or injury, have severe and immediate implications for any employer. Costs in medical reimbursement, legal battles, staff attrition, and replacement, and damage to brand reputation cannot be overstated. Proactive safety measures through Accoree will help you build and maintain confidence with employees,their families, and industry partners who trust your company to do the right thing, every time.

The bottoms line: What are you risking by not becoming an Accoree member?

Workplace injuries directly cost companies just like yours over $170 billion each year.
Even one workplace injury has a minimum direct cost of $40,000. Factor in loss of reputation and damaged partnerships and the financial toll is incalculable.
Over $2.7 million in non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private employers in 2020.
According to the National Safety Council (NCS), hard safety costs range from $47,000 to $1.2 million per workplace fatality. Indirect cost to relationship is even greater
Improve your safety measures by 7-8% every year. Join Accoree today.


A full-scale solution to ensuring health and safety across your supply chain network

Mitigate and manage health and safety risks throughout your company. As one of the industry’s most trusted Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platforms, Accoree has powerful evaluation tools to help you gain insight into your company’s safety practices and assess the safety records of prospective partners throughout your supply chain network. Be the best. Work with the best. Accorree is the answer.

An end-to-end solution to promote health and safety across supply chain networks

Rigorous Pre-qualification

Identify safe, compliant suppliers and contractors by leveraging our robust pre-qualification tool. Align with the top performers in the supply chain industry

Workforce Insights

Gain insight and understanding into supply chain partners. Discover the roles their workers perform including competency, safety records, training and specific job site qualifications for increased control your network for positive outcomes

Mange Metrics

Track and manage key safety data and KPIs including incident and accident rates and FMCSA motor carrier statistics for both regional and nation-specific requirements

Sustain Integrity

Accoree’s safety audits and verification services connect your company to suppliers with top safety records. This enables you to baccess and utilize partner strengths to build dynamic, productive and safe work environments

The Numbers Tell the Story

+ 8%

Annually on safety measures

Accoree members report improvement

- 84%

Job related injuries

Accoree’s data-driven evaluation reduce issues

How Do We Achieve This?

Verification Assessments & Services

Verify accuracy of supplier safety standards and policies through regular audits. This ensures supplier safety standards, policies, and documentation are a priority and updated regularly.

Complete Workforce Management

Our teams ensure worker safety is practiced on each job site, not just on paper. Accoree audits and compares established policies and procedures against inspections, accident investigation forms and partner training logs to establish whether proper controls are truly being implemented.

Worksite Safety Practices and Measurements

Accoree’s experienced auditing team personally inspects working job sites to assess whether proper safety controls are implemented on-site, in real time.

Accoree Delivers Results

Gain understanding of workers and job site

Accoree teams review health and safety policies, procedures, and training documents of all suppliers and contractors. Field observations are also available to enhance worker and site-level transparency

Upgrade safety measures

Accoree’s rigorous safety audits are more than simple inspections. We provide necessary guidance for improvement each and every time we identify a gap in safety measures

Decrease exposure to risk

Rest assured you are working with top performers when you network with Accoree approved suppliers and contractors. Have complete confidence in your network knowing all partners are in agreement on upholding safety risk mitigation measures to the highest standard

Consolidate risk management

Leverage Accoree’s centralized platform for all supplier evaluations including health & safety, financial viability, sustainability, diversity qualifications, cybersecurity, workforce risk and liability.


Accoree organizes supplier data and maintains compliance on all suppler documentation. Built with complex networks in mind, let Accoree keep all documentation accurate and available 24/7.

Discover the difference Accoree can make for your company

One simple application to manage your supply chain network, evaluate compliance status and evaluate workforce safety.

Our Approach

One platform to consolidate and manage all supplier information including health and safety evaluations, fiscal strength, sustainability, statistics, data and cybersecurity, diversity qualifications, workforce risk and liability.

Why Trust Accoree?

For clients:

Our unique platform assists clients in managing supply chain risk using
the world’s most advanced technology. Accoree helps clients build networks to manage supplier safety practices, training and statistics, measure sustainability, track worker safety performance and overall competency. Want better insight into contractors before you sign on the dotted line? Accoree’s systems perform contractor pre-qualification across all major industries including construction, facilities, energy, manufacturing, high tech, mining and telecom, just to name of few. Membership has its rewards, and a stronger bottom line is just one of them

For Suppliers:

Increase qualifications for jobs by showcasing mastery of health and
safety standards. Accoree’s auditing and verification process can slash safety incident rates up to 29%, earning your company additional contracts throughout the globe. Suppliers earn exclusive access to Accoree membership perks, with discounts on goods and services including safety gear, work supplies and insurance. The Accoree Network spans the globe with over 500 client companies and 125,000 suppliers. That’s the power of partnership. Tap into it today.

See the big picture. Explore the possibilities of partnership through success stories, best practices, industry trends and supply chain risk management insights. How can Accoree elevate your business?

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