Broaden visibility beyond your main contractors

Monitor and oversee the financial and cybersecurity well-being of your suppliers while keeping a vigilant eye on liability risks within your supply chain

The contemporary supply chain has evolved into a complex web, characterized by larger-scale projects, heightened resource prerequisites, and specialized skill demands, fostering a more cooperative contracting landscape. Within the Accoree network, over38% of suppliers engage subcontractors to deliver goods and services to their clientele.Yet, discerning which subcontractors are involved in your projects, identifying those that align with your criteria, and understanding how your primary contractors oversee them has proven to be a formidable challenge.

Subcontractor Risk Assessment

As you delve deeper into subcontractor tiers, operational tasks and associated
accountabilities often extend beyond the visibility of the contracting entities. In such
situations, evaluating and, more importantly, managing the potential risks originating
from tier 2 and 3 subcontractors can be a daunting task.

Listed below are some prevalent subcontractor-related risks that persistently test the
resilience of supply chains:

Health and Safety Concerns

Elevated exposure to safety hazards and a lack of adequate controls can frequently lead to injuries or even fatalities, which can have severe repercussions for a company.

Liability Exposures

An extended network of subcontractors is often vulnerable to various types of risks, including those related to health and safety, cybersecurity, and ESG non-compliance, for which the parent organization is frequently held responsible.

Data and Identity Security Breaches

Even businesses with robust data security measures in place can fall victim to cyberattacks if their third-party vendors handle information through less secure systems.

Workplace Safety Violations

Many companies lack insight into the safety standards upheld by tier 2 and tier 3 subcontractors.

Legal and Regulatory Breaches

Violations resulting from inadequate subcontractor management encompass issues like improper material usage, corruption, unsafe working conditions, and data misuse.

Reputation Damage Due to Unethical Practices

Companies may unknowingly engage with subcontractors involved in unethical practices, exposing themselves to potential costly penalties and reputation damage.

Attain a 360-degree View of Your Extended Network with Accoree’s Subcontractor Solutions

With Accoree’s Subcontractor Management solution, you can achieve comprehensive
visibility into your connected suppliers' subcontractors. This solution enables clients to
assess a supplier's subcontractors' compliance status and manage their compliance
through variances. Suppliers can search for and add subcontractors to their network
using the Accoree Advance platform to source clients projects. Suppliers with
subcontractors connected to them in the Accoree platform are referred to as "Premiere
Contractors" to indicate that they oversee subcontractors, as opposed to suppliers who
do not.

Solution Features

Prime contractors utilize the same location and filter-enhanced search as clients to discover subcontractors globally.

Gain a quick overview of all subcontractors affiliated with a prime contractor.

Access detailed information about each subcontractor, including account and compliance details, by drilling down into their profile.


Quicker Time to Realize Value

Subcontractors aren't turned away from performing work because they're not an Accoree approved vendor; they can ensure compliance before commencing work. This reduces administrative burdens for clients, and suppliers can promptly identify subcontractors who meet the prerequisites upon connection.

Intuitive User Interface

Accoree’s subcontractor management solution is accessible through a simple toggle feature. Activate it, and it's ready to use. No custom configurations required.

Enhanced Visibility

Access information about connections, trades, locations, and compliance for all subcontractors.

Simplified Subcontracting Process

Primary suppliers can effortlessly discover and establish connections with new subcontractors for project collaboration.

Uniform Compliance Adherence

Subcontractors undergo the same level of pre-qualification and compliance assessments as your primary contractors, ensuring consistency.

The Accoree Advantage:
Added Value

Attain Subcontractor-Level Visibility with Accoree Subcontractor Management Solutions

Why Trust Accoree?

For clients:

Our unique platform assists clients in managing supply chain risk using the world’s most advanced technology. Accoree helps clients build networks to manage supplier safety practices, training and statistics, measure sustainability, track worker safety performance and overall competency. Want better insight into contractors before you sign on the dotted line? Accoree’s systems perform contractor pre-qualification across all major industries including construction, facilities, energy, manufacturing, high tech, mining and telecom, just to name of few. Membership has its rewards, and a stronger bottom line is just one of them.

For Suppliers:

Increase qualifications for jobs by showcasing mastery of health and
safety standards. Accoree’s auditing and verification process can slash safety incident rates up to 29%, earning your company additional contracts throughout the globe. Suppliers earn exclusive access to Accoree membership perks, with discounts on goods and services including safety gear, work supplies and insurance. The Accoree Network spans the globe with over 500 client companies and 125,000 suppliers. That’s the power of partnership. Tap into it today.

The Accoree Advantage Platform

Supplier coordination and onboarding

Find your fit with Accoree’s risk classification generator. Our system will evaluate and connect you to the most appropriate membership level and service tier.

Risk Assessments

Stay ahead of the competition with specialized riskmodules created by industry leaders. Why run the risk offailure or fault when you can learn from hundreds ofscenarios in our supply chain risk library?

Expert Advice

Drive risk management outcomes with Accoree’sprofessional assessment, verification, training andadvisory service.

Workforce Qualifications

Work with the best on every job. Verify worker training,certifications and qualifications to easily map worker rolesand competency by accessing the most up-to-dateemployee data with the Accoree Advantage platform.

See the big picture. Explore the possibilities of partnership through success stories, best practices, industry trends and supply chain risk management insights. How can Accoree elevate your business?
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