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A blend of expert services and contemporary solutions designed to enable you to achieve the best possible results in supply chain risk management.

In the realm of supply chain risk management, it's a rarity to encounter a universalsolution that fits all, primarily due to the diversity culture, capabilities, and size ofoperation. Many companies find themselves without standardized, all-encompassingsolutions that can deliver comprehensive visibility into their supply chains. Furthermore,a significant number of them lack the necessary time and resources to identify andmitigate these risks.

Expert Services by Accoree

Taking a consultative approach to cater to diverse supply chain risk management requirements

At Accoree, we recognize that each supply chain is distinct, encompassing a widespectrum of risk factors. Consequently, establishing a comprehensive complianceframework becomes imperative for businesses. This is where the Accoree Advantagecomes into play.Through Accoree’ Expert Services, we merge our risk management tools,benchmarking data, and subject matter expertise to assist you in crafting a supply chainrisk management program that aligns with your organizational objectives and yieldsoptimal results. Our team of subject matter experts, backed by extensive domainknowledge and operational experience, adopts a consultative strategy to address yourspecific supply chain risk management demands. In addition, we collaborate with clientsto evaluate their risk management initiatives and devise tailored solutions that preciselymatch their requirements

The Accoree Approach

Benefits Provided

Unbiased Appraisals

Obtain an impartial evaluation from a team of over 55 certified auditors focused onsafety and sustainability worldwide.

Enhanced Clarity

Identify early signs of risk and gain a clearer understanding of potential disruptions inyour supply chain

Boosted Performance

Suppliers receive direct recommendations from Accoree's experts to help them maintainsafety and sustainability standards.

Increased Trust

Clients can solidify their confidence in supplier performance by verifying that theirstandards are consistently upheld

Streamlined Processes

Proactively manage risk by ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage for both yourcompany and suppliers.

Risk Reduction

Simplify the laborious process of collecting, verifying, and monitoring supplier insurance,allowing you to allocate more time to addressing gaps

Assured Satisfaction

Leverage Accoree's extensive experience and expertise to effectively and securelyoversee supplier compliance for greater confidence and peace of mind.

Impartial Assessments

Avoid the potential bias of preexisting relationships with Accoree's objective evaluations,providing an accurate view of supplier risk.

Why Trust Accoree?

For clients:

Our unique platform assists clients in managing supply chain risk using
the world’s most advanced technology. Accoree helps clients build networks to manage supplier safety practices, training and statistics, measure sustainability, track worker safety performance and overall competency. Want better insight into contractors before you sign on the dotted line? Accoree’s systems perform contractor pre-qualification across all major industries including construction, facilities, energy, manufacturing, high tech, mining and telecom, just to name of few. Membership has its rewards, and a stronger bottom line is just one of them

For Suppliers:

Increase qualifications for jobs by showcasing mastery of health and
safety standards. Accoree’s auditing and verification process can slash safety incident rates up to 29%, earning your company additional contracts throughout the globe. Suppliers earn exclusive access to Accoree membership perks, with discounts on goods and services including safety gear, work supplies and insurance. The Accoree Network spans the globe with over 500 client companies and 125,000 suppliers. That’s the power of partnership. Tap into it today.
See the big picture. Explore the possibilities of partnership through success stories, best practices, industry trends and supply chain risk management insights. How can Accoree elevate your business?
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